We search the latest and greatest in handbag brands to spotlight for you. This month, our eye is focused on the Valentino Orlandi Handbag brand. We were recently asked by our handbag shoppers why we love the Valentino Orlandi purses so much, sophistication, femininity and strength are a few of the reasons we at DesignerItalianBags.com are attracted to the Valentino Orlandi handbag brand.

Valentino Orlandi Handbag

About the Valentino Orlandi Brand


The leading Italian brand makes precious creations from natural leather, and precise designs for women to express themselves through their designer handbags.

Avid collectors of Valentino Orlandi purses understand the sophisticated designs and quality. Unique shapes, functionality, and colors give every female the opportunity to add a little pizzazz to their wardrobe while maintaining flexibility and easy functionality.

The refined craftsmanship in each one of the Valentino Orlandi purses stands out! It’s not your average unique bag. From a combination of materials, to damask prints, and floral patterns, fashionable is combined with sophistication and luxury.


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Is the Valentino Orlandi Brand Affordable?

Taking the quality, craftsmanship and unique aesthetics into consideration, the luxury designer handbags are extremely affordable. An average woman can easily afford a piece of Italian luxury without breaking the bank.
Our website is dedicated to the modern woman that wants to look her best and express her style through unique, sexy, and high-quality handbags.  Here’s another brand we absolutely love!

Valentino Orlandi bags are a few of the unique designers we bring into the spotlight. We travel to Milan and hand pick each handbag to be custom made and shipped to the USA.

We at Moda Europa, known as DesignerItalianbags.com are the United States based authorized dealer of Valentino Orlandi Purses and other authentic Italian made designer leather handbags.
We often run promotions to make the fashionable luxury even more affordable. If you appreciate affordable, unique luxury. Visit our site and shop our handbag sale and new arrivals.

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