Designer purses and trendy bags come and go, but high-quality bags can withstand the test of time.  Unique bags always survive the general direction in which fashionable bags are developing or changing.

Whether you’re a trendsetter or love following the latest styles, here’s what’s in store for this season.

Bowling Bags aka Bowler bag

This style bag was first introduced by Prada in the spring/summer season of 2000.  At the time there was a wait list that was miles long. Decades later, the bowler handbag has hit the mainstream again and is definitely a sought-after classic.

Metallic Purses

Everyone has a metallic bag or two in their closet. It’s a must-have fun bag to add a little fun and pizzazz to any outfit.

In the beginning, metallic bags were classic silver or gold metallic purses. However, they got so popular that the color spectrum widened.

Now metallic bags come in multiple shades and textures.  We covet the finest and latest in luxurious Italian handbags to bring you the trendiest metallic bags available.

Briefcase Trendy Bags

Workaholic or not, a briefcase bag always has that sophisticated look.

We carry various types of leather, shapes, and textures bringing together the everyday bag with that, “I’m busy and got it going on” look.

Our collection not only includes briefcase bags but bags made of exotic leathers that will outlast the trends and withstand the test of time.

Large Slouchy Purse Trends

Who doesn’t love a huge bag that will fit everything?

First designed for couriers to use in the transportation of large items, somehow, it crossed over to mainstream casual fashion and became a hit.

It’s not a surprise because when you talk about the everyday woman, accessories, electronics and not to mention all the other stuff we have to carry.

An extra-large purse is a must-have and one of the most favored designer purses of the season.

Other trendy bags for the year include odd-shaped bags like triangle bags and slouchy shoulder totes that were made famous in the early 1950s.

The tote made it into mainstream culture due to its artful blend of functionality and beauty.

What do we love?  We focus our inventory on unique bags that are made of 100% Italian leather by Italian designers with an emphasis on creating artful masterpieces you can be proud of.

Offering Free shipping to USA and Canada and amazing savings, the New Year is the best time to update your designer bag collection.  Let’s shop.

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