The popularity of hand-embroidered bags started 50 years ago when jewelers started adorning velvet and satin bags with gold and semi-precious stones for the elite.  These handbags were a status symbol for a few centuries.

In 1997, Fendi sent a new statement embroidered bag down the runway further surging the appeal of these bags.  Since, brands such as Gucci, Valentino, and Chloé have added this signature style to their collections.



Why own a Hand Embroidered Bag?

The unique style is one of the reasons women choose Embroidered Bags.  In Chinese culture, an embroidered dragon on a handbag represents wisdom and protection.  Whether you want a flower embroidered bag for its color and style or one that represents or means something to you, it’s definitely a great artisan bag to add to your collection.

Why choose Italian Hand Embroidery?

Italians are known for their meticulous artistic approach.  Our collections include stunning hand-painted handbags and a slew of hand-embroidered bags by Valentino Orlandi straight from Italy made of 100% Italian leather and hand embroidered with precision and style.

Using only the highest quality materials combined with contemporary designs, Valentino Orlandi has been producing collections that exude elegance and good taste.

Choosing one of his hand-embroidered leather bags is a great addition to a collection of handbags because his bags combine Italian style with unmistakable impeccable craftsmanship.

In Summary

There are so many bags to choose from and so many websites to shop with, but we prefer you shop with us because we value you as a customer.  Each bag we have is hand selected from Italy and available to you worldwide via our store.

We’re not only a website, but we’re also avid handbag lovers with the same passion as you.  Since 2007 we’ve been providing 100% authentic Made in Italy designer handbags from our headquarters in Chicago Illinois.

We stand behind our products and offer amazing promotions including Free Shipping in the USA and Canada.  Got a question? Reach out to us, we love connecting with our customers worldwide.




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