You’ve been asking and we heard you!  Stunning colorful bags are in and they’re the hottest summer bags to land straight from Italy.

No matter what you already have, you can’t say no to color this season.  Colorful handbags are in and color does change the mood.

Colorful Summer Bags

Not swaying too far from comfort, our first pick was a perfect-sized circular green quilted and lacquered bag.  It’s structured yet offers the perfect everyday size to add a little brightness to your outfit.  It’s definitely the must-have bag perfectly designed by Valentino Orlandi and recently added to our collection.

If you’re into “matchy matchy”, we’ve added a set that includes both the crossbody bag and the matching wallet.

From purple to green, red, and blue, no matter what your favorite color is, there’s no reason to not carry it around this summer.

Circle Designer Purse

Shape this summer is also playing a big role in designer bags.  Circular bags are in like never before.  Combining embroidered high-quality Italian leather with a stunning shape and color for the summer was the perfect combination when Valentino Orlandi decided to create this new collection.

Check out this Circle Purse Alabaster embroidered leather handbag in the new collection.

Chains and Ruffles

If you like regular shapes but love to throw in a little personality into your wardrobe, you can’t say no to a little ruffle and chains.  Valentino Orlandi created this soft leather messenger bag just for you.

Ivory in color, Crisscross quilted stunning design with ruffles and chains that add a little wow.

Size of Summer Bags

When it comes to bags, size does matter.  The summer is a time to be on the move, you are active outdoors and may need a bag that moves right along with you.  The summertime is a great time for either a large beach bag or a crossbody which we call “on the move bags”.

When we decided to add these hot summer bags to our collection, we took all your ideas and suggestions into consideration.  The quantity is limited, so once a bag is gone, it’s gone.

Take advantage of our current promotion and snag yourself a hot summer bag to add to your collection.  With the quality of Valentino Orlandi and these colors that add brightness to your wardrobe, you’re sure to love your summer bag for many seasons to come.

Got a question? Want to know more about our collections and our company? We’d love to hear from you, contact us and we’ll be happy to reply to all your questions.

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