The "Terrida" story begins in 1970 with the foundation of a new style of luxury. The family factory, being situated in Venice, Italy – perhaps one of the most unique and magical places in the world, the brand embarked on a journey that would find it much success. From generations of knowledge of the antique artisan methods employed in the pelletteria of old, Terrida would bring the art of crafting only the finest leather into articles of beauty. Through the years, Terrida: has developed strong bonds with clients who want only the best quality.

The brand continues to provide leather goods, cut and stitched in Italy, using those same traditional skills to form the most desirable, functional, and fashionable articles available today. The legacy that stands for Italian determination for quality and perfection, the name Terrida has grown to signify a luxury unlike all others.

We offer custom made gentelment's collection made of alligator embossed leather and vegetable tanned raw vachetta leather, the most expensive most durable leather avaialble on the market today. Prestigitious Terrida brand is carried by Neiman Marcus, luxury US retailer and a handful or retail sales outfits in US the brand is the hallmark of luxury and exclusivity.

The highest qualities of vegetable tanning process are used to manufacture Terrida luxurious leather. The use of choice skins and the artisan method employed through the totally natural tanning process make our leathers classics in their field. The color tones, veins, and little marks are to be considered tangible proof of the authenticity and quality of our leathers that are Certified by the Consortium of Genuine Italian Vegetable - Tanned Leather. Official Site: www.terrida.com