Hand Painted Bags

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Shop hand painted bags from Designer Italian Bags and enjoy FREE shipping and a 30 day unconditional guarantee from a wide selection of exclusive Italian designers.

Explore our curated selection of unique Hand painted bags and Italian designer purses, a showcase of masterpieces by Marino Orlandi Handbags and other handbag designers. Our designer luxury line comes made to order.

Artisan Hand Painted Bags

All our designer handbags are commissioned directly from the designers in Italy. A hand painted bag is a masterpiece that’s signed by the Artisan and one that screams individuality and style.

Quality Hand Painted Purses

Style is something we focus on. Our clients from all over the world flock to our site for the latest in Italian designer handbags because we not only focus on style, but quality and longevity of a bag is our top priority.

Our commitment to customer service, worldwide shipping, and satisfaction guarantee are the biggest contributors to the success of our site, making us the go to destination for 100% Italian high-quality leather bags outside of Italy.

Explore and shop our wide selection of hand painted bags and other masterpieces. Find what your heart desires and let us show you why we are everyone’s favorite.

We look forward to sending you a package you’ll love opening. Whether you choose a piece of luggage, an exotic leather bag, or a hand painted bag to call your own!

Got a Question? We love helping customers, contact us and we’ll be quick to reply.

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