Hand Embroidered & Beaded Purses

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When looking for a unique designer handbag, hand embroidered or beaded purses top the list!

View a wide selection of hand embroidered handbags, detail beaded purses, made of luxurious materials and handcrafted with a lot of detail and style.

Our designer Italian handbags capture the attention, and leave a lasting impression. We hand pick each bag to highlight your individual style and luxurious desires.

We carry and feature the finest handbag designers.

Italian Embroidered Bags

Explore our curated selection of ultra luxurious embroidered by hand and hand beaded bags and wallets at designeritalianbags.com, a unique showcase of masterpieces by Valentino Orlandi Handbags.

Classic damask embroidery or whimsical floral embroidery designs will capture your heart and your imagination! Buy the best hand embroidered and beaded purse and wallet designs at our luxury shopping experience.

Every purse collection should include a handcrafted masterpiece. Shop our selection of Italian designer handbags by category:

Not sure what you’re looking for? Let’s browse the finest Italian made purses together:

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