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Find luxurious Caviar Quilted Handbags, purses, designer Italian bags, evening purses and more. Our selection is designed for the avid handbag collector, individuality and unique bags go hand in hand at

Luxurious Caviar Quilted Handbags

Luxury meets function! Partake in the classic line of caviar and quilted natural leather born from the study and continuous research of the best materials. Caviar leather made popular by Chanel in particular comes in a few different finishes such as matte or shiny “vernice” versions. The shiny caviar is the most popular for both the look and durability. The extra shiny coating makes it waterproof. Browse Valentino Orlandi for a full line of stunning one of a kind handbags.

Luxury doesn’t have to break the bank! Every woman wants to enjoy a stunning handbag that’s handmade and as unique as she is. From hand embroidered and beaded purses, colorful crossbody bags, evening bags and clutches and more, you are in the central hub of luxurious and affordable designer Italian bags.

At, we take pride of bringing the highest quality designer bags at affordable prices. We also provide regular promotions and sale items that will get you hooked to the amazing savings. Shop our designer handbag sale.
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Explore our curated selection of ultra luxurious totes handmade embroidered bags and clutches at, a unique showcase of masterpieces by Marino Orlandi Handbags.

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