Floral and Paisley Purses

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  • Marino Orlandi Handpainted Roses Alabaster Leather Slouchy Purse w/Swarovski Italian Designer Handbag

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  • Marino Orlandi Handpainted Roses Onyx Leather Slouchy Purse w/Swarovski Italian Designer Handbag

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  • Marino Orlandi Tote Purse Handpainted Dahlia Flowers Alabaster Leather Bag Italian Designer Handbag

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    Marino Orlandi Purse Amazon Green Paisley Printed Messenger Bag Italian Designer Handbag

    Discounted 7%!
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    Marino Orlandi Purse Metallic Mint Julep Leather Retro Messenger Bag Italian Designer Handbag

    Discounted 14%!
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    Marino Orlandi Clutch Evening Bag Jasper Floral Leather Crossbody Purse Italian Designer Handbag

    Discounted 8%!
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  • Marino Orlandi Italian Designer Large Purse Handpainted Flowers Alabaster Leather Bag



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  • Marino Orlandi Designer Purse Tote Handpainted Roses Alabaster Leather Satchel Italian Designer Handbag



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Find luxurious hand beaded and embroidered floral  and paisley purses, designer Italian bags, evening purses and more. Our selection is designed for the avid handbag collector, individuality and unique bags go hand in hand at designeritalianbags.com

Artisan Floral Handbags

Whether you’re looking for a solid color or multi-color hand made floral and paisley purses. You’re sure to appreciate the quality workmanship straight from Italy. As we travel across the country, we hand pick and choose each Italian bag for your carrying and viewing pleasures.

Luxury doesn’t have to break the bank! Every woman wants to enjoy a stunning handbag that’s handmade and as unique as she is. From hand embroidered and beaded purses to solids, colorful crossbody bags, evening bags and more, you are in the central hub of luxurious and affordable designer Italian bags.

At DesignerItalianBags.com, we take pride of bringing the highest quality designer bags at affordable prices. We also provide regular promotions and sale items that will get you hooked to the amazing savings. Shop our designer handbag sale.

Ready to Shop Floral Purses and More?

Explore our curated selection of ultra luxurious handwoven by hand and hand beaded bags and wallets at designeritalianbags.com, a unique showcase of masterpieces by Valentino Orlandi Handbags.

Trendy embroidered designs will capture your heart and your imagination! Buy the best handwoven purse and wallet designs at our luxury shopping experience.

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Have fun shopping! We’d love to know what you picked and if it’s a hand woven purse you chose, you’re sure to love it, guaranteed or your money back.

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