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  • Silvano_Biagini_Italian_Designer_Cathedral_Shape_Design_Crocodile_Leather_Crossbody_Bag_01SB8754CLRD

    Silvano Biagini Corso Magenta Cathedral Shape Design Crocodile Leather Crossbody Bag Italian Designer Handbag

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  • Marino Orlandi Italian Designer Rainbow Real Python Leather Messenger Bag

    Marino Orlandi Purse Rainbow Real Python Leather Messenger Bag w/Swarovski Italian Designer Handbag



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Your desired selection awaits! Yes ladies shop online for crocodile and python handbags and purses that are to die for. There’s no need to crave of the luxurious feel of 100% exotic crocodile and python handbags any longer. is the source to fulfill the cravings.

Designer Crocodile and Python Purses

Silvano Biagini exotic crocodile and python bags are sought after world wide. Their design is masterful and artistic. It’s a luxury that fulfills the eye and the touch.

Our crocodile and python bags are handcrafted in Italy by master artisans renowned for their expertise in properly crafting the material. They are high quality, long lasting, and absolutely stunning.

The art of creating crocodile and python purses is an art that is handed down through generations. The artisans are known, and so is their work.

Desired Exotic Leather Purses

  • Python
  • Crocodile
  • Reptiles

As if the artful craftsmanship isn’t enough, the leather is hand painted in Italy to give a vibrant attraction you cannot observe in a common bag. All exotic skin bags are manufactured in accordance with stringent regulations to meet requirements of Normative CEE (European Economic Community) materials.

We look forward to sending you a package you’ll love opening. Whether you choose a piece of luggage, an exotic leather bag, or a hand painted bag to call your own!

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