A luxury designer handbag is like fine wine. A purse is not just a purse, but much like a superb aged wine, it’s hard to come by. Most collectors of fine designer handbags appreciate the distinct quality, style, and craftsmanship of each bag they collect.

There are hundreds of designers and many are quite popular, but for the avid collector of luxury designer handbags, they focus their hunt on that one of a kind handbag and sought after, yet hard to find handbag designers.

We’ve compiled a list of must have luxury unique designer handbags from our collection of fine 100% Italian leather handbags carefully hand selected from Milan Italy for exactly what your heart desires in a luxury designer bag.

Luxury Designer Handbags Top Picks

Say good bye to “grandma’s embroidered quilt” and say hello to the finest quality in leather designer handbags by Marino Orlandi.  The stunning red filigree on the white leather background is sure to make everyone’s jaw drop when you walk in to a holiday party.  This stunning bag is on sale just in time for Christmas.

Who says luxury handbags are only for her or only for “going out on the town”.  Work in style with this stunning luxury designer briefcase for him or her.  The quality craftsmanship is exactly what you’d expect from the Silvano Biagini collection.

At DesignerItalianbags.com we are your luxury designer handbag online shopping destination in the United States.  There’s no need to travel to Italy! We do it regularly and bring you the finest quality, unique designer purses of all shapes and sizes.

Rock the look with a wide range of styles, textures, top handle bags, or cross body bags that will scream “unique me”.  We do warn you, once you step into the world of designer handbag collecting, it may get quite addicting.  Step into the holiday season with a smile and the most stunning and unique designer handbag on your arms.

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