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We at DesignerItalianBags.com absolutely love designer Italian handbags and are sure you do also. What’s the in and out of purses anyway? Use this handbag glossary to get familiar with common terms and what they mean when you shop for your next amazing unique designer handbag with us.

Unique Designer Handbag Types

Backpack Handbag


Also known as a sling handbag, it’s not your average sized bag, slightly larger. A backpack is designed to be carried two different ways, it may have a sling to carry on the back and at the same time by hand.

Mini Designer Italian Handbags


Often used for evening or for those who love the smaller bags. We have a wide range of mini handbags that are stunning to use for evening or day.

Barrel Handbag


Just like it sounds, but a lot sexier in look especially if you choose a 100% Italian handmade leather barrel handbag. They’re cylinder in shape and resemble a barrel, but can be quite lovely with the different textures and colors available.

Cross Body Bags


If you love having your hands free while still walking around with a unique designer handbag, a cross body bag is right for you!, It’s specifically designed to be carried across the body leaving your hands free.

A Clutch bag


Should really be called a handbag because it has no handles or straps, it’s designed to be carried right under the arms or in the hand. Our clients enjoy clutches and they make a great evening handbag to use for a night out on the town. They come in different sizes, so they can be a large clutch, or a small clutch.

Wallet or Coin Purse


If you’ve got money, that’s where you’d want it to be! If you’re carrying a unique designer handbag, there’s nothing more attractive than pulling out an equally attractive designer leather wallet when you’re ready to pay.

Drawstring Handbag


Exactly like it sounds, the closure on top is a leather cord, it’s not your typical snap or fold over closure, a cinched look. Often a great casual look.

Leather Tote Handbag


Probably one of my favorites because it can fit a lot of goodies. If you’re into the larger designer handbags, a tote might be the perfect choice. Usually has a double handle and a large open main compartment, it can be comfortably carried on the inner elbow.

We are your Italian designer handbag destination in the heart of the USA. We import the finest, hand selected 100% Italian leather designer handbags available on the market.

Whether you’re looking to buy a one of a kind hand painted handbag, a hand embroidered handbag or an exotic leather briefcase for him, shop with us the biggest selection of amazing brands exclusively available with us.

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