We’re excited to give you this new collection of unique hand-painted designer Italian bags direct from Italy.  There’s a certain obsession with these one-of-a-kind bags and for good reason.  High-quality paints, subtle Italian leather and a unique look to call your own are just a few of the reasons ladies covet these hand-painted masterpieces.

Type of paint used in these handbags?

High-quality leather paints are acrylic-based paints created precisely to be used on leather.  Leather paints are more costly than the common acrylic paints available to the public in craft stores.  Master painters must work with the highest quality leather paints to ensure precision free from chipping, peeling, or cracking as you enjoy your hand-painted designer Italian bag over the years.

Who is Marino Orlandi?

Macerata, Italy.  Marino Orlandi produces original designs and manufactures on-site high-quality leather handbags and briefcases.  What we love about this designer is the attention to detail placed on ever every handbag created.  Shop the Briefcases Collection By Marino Orlandi

Quality control is closely monitored to not only meet but exceed expectations.  The entire process is done under one roof and a team of master artisans hand paints each bag to perfection.

So when you’re looking for a unique bag to call your own and even pass down to a family member, there’s nothing more sentimental than a hand-painted piece of art you can strut around town with.

Why Shop Our Hand-Painted Bags?

Our story is simple, we’re dedicated to each and every customer we serve.  We don’t simply add a designer to our collection of available bags without doing our homework and touching the bags ourselves.

We travel to Italy and hand-pick each piece to match your unique style.  Each bag is made just for you from the finest Italian leather and designers in Italy.

Check out our hand-painted designer Italian bag collection and take advantage of our current promotion when shopping our entire site including the new arrivals.

We love hearing from you, send us a message and let us know how much you love your bag.  Always remember, we’re not just a website, we’re real people making sure you love what you buy with us.

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