The brand “Ghibli” has been making handbags since 1968, with artisanal techniques, patience and attention to details. “Ghibli” is the extended family, all Italian; true Tuscans. Tuscan flavors are brand’s inspiration and virtue, are in the “Ghibli” product DNA. Since making bags for over 20 years, they have since gained an international cult following crafting lust-worthy handbags, wallets, and belts season after season. “Ghibli”is “Love”; a little family-owned brand ...”Ghibli” is Waiting For You!

We have the Ghibli US license for importing exotic ultra-luxurious python bags. Each handbag is accompanied by the CITES certification. There are no middlemen, agents, or any distributors between us and the original manufacturer. We believe that ours are the lowest prices available anywhere for this striking, stylish and luxurious line of products. "Ghibli" exotic anaconda leather handbags are sold only in limited quantities in ”high end” boutiques in different parts of the world. Made only to order, superior quality articles, created by “Ghibli” are the ultimate status symbol bags. Official Site: