It’s 2022 ladies and time for stylish purses, functional handbags, and designer everything!

You’ve sacrificed enough in the past few years, who says you have to sacrifice style when you’re looking for a functional handbag now?

Designer Italian Bags focuses on function and style that will even make your mother-in-law smile.

Why Italian Leather Handbags?

All you have to say is Italian leather and that’s enough for everyone around to understand.

One of the highlights of Italian leather is its good quality.  Italians use full grain hides and the process they use to make handbags always results in softer leather that lasts.  Not all Italian leather bags are made equal though.

At Designer Italian Bags spend all year searching for those designers that focus on quality, function, and of course style that scream wow.

Combining Function and Style

All the brands we work with are exclusive and take into consideration function when creating a style, you’ll love.

From floral handbags to large shoulder bag totes and messenger bags.  We’ve got what your heart desires and pocketbook appreciates with ongoing promotions you’ll love.  Have you signed up to receive our exclusive offers?  Sign up here.

Many of the styles we focus on do take into consideration a combo of day function and evening wear.

On your search for functional designer handbags, remember, you don’t want to run around all day holding a clutch, you need your hands to be free, but a stylish designer messenger will do that trick while also doubling as a sexy stunning evening bag when going out later that evening.

Check out this Valentino Orlandi Python-Embossed Leather bag.  This bag can be carried all day comfortably as a cross-body bag, yet screams take me out on the town later tonight.

New Year, New You with a New Bag

“Out with the old and in with the new” is a term you’ve heard.  How you fit that into your daily life going forward is up to you.  Whether you shop for a new designer bag today or have a closet full of amazing bags already, why not vow to make a switch regularly and enjoy all that “something new” has to offer.

Our customers look forward to receiving their packages from us and our inbox is full of  “yayyyy” exciting messages that make us smile.

There’s something to be said about creating a fresh new look, especially after the few rough years you’ve had to endure.  If it’s new pair of shoes or a gorgeous new bag, you have earned it.

Large Functional Handbags

The one thing we didn’t need while working from home is a tote to carry around, but with many people returning to the office, it’s time to return with style.  A tote is functional because of its size but the look, feel, and color plays a big part by adding a little pep in your step while you navigate your way back to the workspace.

Check out these oversized stylish designer bags that will fit everything you need around the office and still scream style.

From all of us at Designer Italian Bags, we wish you a year filled with fun, laughter, good health, and most importantly smile in satisfaction knowing that you are turning heads as you walk by with your gorgeous designer handbag.

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