Handbags are gender-neutral these days, but where did the word handbag come from anyway?  Does carrying any handbag turn you into an automatic purse diva?

Where did the Term Handbags Come From?

In the early 1900s people began using the term handbag often, it started when people were referring to a man’s luggage.  As lady purses started to grow bigger and more stylish during that era, the term became attached to the female purse.  In the United States, both terms are used interchangeably.

What’s a purse Diva?

When social media started, Divas began appearing for all types of accessories.  From shoes to makeup, clothing, and handbags.  A diva’s true definition is a self-important person that’s difficult to please.  So that’s quite fitting when defining a purse, Diva.

A purse Diva is never satisfied with just any handbag and is definitely never satisfied with only having a few.  A true purse diva covets the highest quality in Italian leather handbags and has quite a collection of many unique bags to fit every occasion.

Purse Trend Setter

Purse Divas are never trend followers, but they are trendsetters online or in their inner circle.  They don’t look for bags everyone else carries but they dig and find the finest quality designer Italian bags to add to their collection.

Check out the most popular 2022 handbag trends.

We at DesignerItalianbags.com ship worldwide and serve many purse Divas across the globe.

Why do they choose our Designer Italian Handbags?

Unusual, different, one-of-a-kind, subtle high-quality Italian leather are a few of the reasons they choose to shop with us.  There’s nothing more annoying than walking into a room and a few other ladies are carrying exactly the same mainstream bag available at the local mall.  Keeping that Diva status is key. Uniqueness and individuality offer that.

We travel to Italy and meticulously select designers that are precise in their designs to fit the modern world while using traditional methods and the best materials to construct masterpieces for the novice and avid collector of fine Italian handbags.

Shop our wide selection of purses and handbags that you’ll love.  Designers like Marino Orlandi, Silvano Biagini, and Valentino Orlandi are a few of the bags that are available online.  We carry a minimum quantity to make sure that when you buy our handbags from Italy, you are elevating your purse diva status to a whole new height.



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