A crossbody bag isn’t one of the first purses we usually add to our purse closet.  In fact, it’s probably one of the last ones we normally pick.  Once you actually start carrying one regularly, it’s sort of hard to break the habit of carrying one.

Thankfully, Marino Orlandi has combined the freedoms of having both, a stunning unique handbag with a detachable crossbody strap!

The Crossbody Bag Obsession

Not so long ago, crossbody purses weren’t very popular, they were quite boring actually.  I’d mostly see them worn by ladies walking their children to the park, and they were either black, brown or navy, but not anymore!  Celebrities have elevated the crossbody bag trend to a whole new level.

Everyone loves the bags now and they’re a must have with any wardrobe or active lifestyle.  Combining style with function, who wouldn’t love a designer Italian unique crossbody bag that’s completely hands-free?

Walk the dog, stroll with the babies, hail a cab, hide the straps and head to a dinner out without having to worry about the annoying shoulder straps sliding.  They are fun, beautiful and functional.

Crossbody Purses for the Modern Woman

As if we really need a reason to buy another bag!  Incase hubby wants a reason, just say “I need my arms free to give you a hug honey”, it works every time.

Crossbody purses comes in many different shapes and sizes, not saying you should run out and buy a ton, but a crossbody purse should definitely be on the list of “must have purses”.

Besides, they can also be carried as a long shoulder bag, so double the benefit.

They’re generally medium in size, and our Marino Orlandi collection gives you some stunning options.  From embossed leather bags, to cross body alligator purses, python and colorful ones.

If you’re into that “one of a kind piece” this collection is a masterpiece and can only be purchased online at Italiandesignerbags.com.

Sure, you can go out and purchase a few simple ones for every day, but the Marino Orlandi purse collection is not only a cross body, it’s for everyday including an evening party.

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