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The company was established by Mr. Marino Orlandi at the end of seventies, and from the very beginning it has proved to be uncompromising in their search for high quality, in the materials used as well as in workmanship and image. Their line of leather accessories is intended for very demanding people, who convert an indispensable accessory into a very personal, unique.

“Marino Orlandi” – Macerata, Italy specializes in the original designs and manufacturing of high quality contemporary women’s leather handbags and briefcases. Attention to details, cutting control of the leather – everything is done under one roof by the team of highly professional artisans. Highest quality of Marino Orlandi leather products, the latest fashionable Italian designs, the passion that is always put into production, helped the company to rise to the top of the Italian fashion market over the last 40 years.

“Marino Orlandi” is synonymous with finely crafted handbags and briefcases, hand-made with highest quality leathers. Natural leather, used in creation of every bag, has been processed with complete respect of both man and environment. These are the main principles, which the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium defends and promotes.

The quality of the Marino Orlandi products is guaranteed by years of experience, modern production technologies, use of rare untreated vachetta leathers and by professionalism of highly qualified and experienced Italian artisans. Marino Orlandi collections are always in line with the latest fashion trends, and they are treated to the smallest details to ensure a refined and exclusive product. That’s why Marino Orlandi leather bags are synonymous of the quality and good taste.

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Marino Orlandi

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