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Marino Orlandi
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The company was established by Mr. Marino Orlandi at the end of seventies, and from the very beginning it has proved to be uncompromising in their search for high quality, in the materials used as well as in workmanship and image. Their line of leather accessories is intended for very demanding people, who convert an indispensable accessory into a very personal, unique.

"Marino Orlandi" - Macerata, Italy specializes in the original designs and manufacturing of high quality contemporary women's leather handbags and briefcases. Attention to details, cutting control of the leather - everything is done under one roof by the team of highly professional artisans. Highest quality of Marino Orlandi leather products, the latest fashionable Italian designs, the passion that is always put into production, helped the company to rise to the top of the Italian fashion market over the last 40 years.

"Marino Orlandi" is synonymous with finely crafted handbags and briefcases, hand-made with highest quality leathers. Natural leather, used in creation of every bag, has been processed with complete respect of both man and environment. These are the main principles, which the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium defends and promotes.

The quality of the Marino Orlandi products is guaranteed by years of experience, modern production technologies, use of rare untreated vachetta leathers and by professionalism of highly qualified and experienced Italian artisans. Marino Orlandi collections are always in line with the latest fashion trends, and they are treated to the smallest details to ensure a refined and exclusive product. That's why Marino Orlandi leather bags are synonymous of the quality and good taste. Official Site: www.marinoorlandi.com

Ghibl Designeri Italian Handbags

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The brand “Ghibli” has been making handbags since 1968, with artisanal techniques, patience and attention to details. “Ghibli” is the extended family, all Italian; true Tuscans. Tuscan flavors are brand’s inspiration and virtue, are in the “Ghibli” product DNA. Since making bags for over 20 years, they have since gained an international cult following crafting lust-worthy handbags, wallets, and belts season after season. “Ghibli”is “Love”; a little family-owned brand ...”Ghibli” is Waiting For You!

We have the Ghibli US license for importing exotic ultra-luxurious python bags. Each handbag is accompanied by the CITES certification. There are no middlemen, agents, or any distributors between us and the original manufacturer. We believe that ours are the lowest prices available anywhere for this striking, stylish and luxurious line of products. "Ghibli" exotic anaconda leather handbags are sold only in limited quantities in ”high end” boutiques in different parts of the world. Made only to order, superior quality articles, created by “Ghibli” are the ultimate status symbol bags. Official Site: www.ghiblisrl.com

2013 Valentino Orlandi Collection

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Since 1974 renown handbag designer Mr. Valentino Orlandi gives to his collections a character of elegance and good taste. Utilizing only highest quality materials along with contemporary design represent the most important characteristic of his creations, combined with impeccable craftsmanship and unmistakable Italian style.

We are very proud to bring these incredible top quality luxurious handbags to the American consumer. Unparallel quality, meticulous attention to detail and spell-binding beauty define the house of "Valentino Orlandi". Curated selection of the best models is presented in our store. Each bag was made especially made for our store with extra details unavailable anywhere else. The real value of "Valentino Orlandi" handbags is due to the impeccable craftsmanship born from the long tradition of capable Italian craftsmen experts to mold the leather as nobody can do.

Designer "Valentino Orlandi" blends his predilection for the avant-garde with the manufacturing precision and quality, totally Italian artigianalità of 30 years of experience, and he creates an elegant classic collection of diverse colors and designs. Valentino Orlandi is a manifestation of baroque luxury! Official site: www.valentinoorlandi.it

Terrida Designer Italian Handbags

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The "Terrida" story begins in 1970 with the foundation of a new style of luxury. The family factory, being situated in Venice, Italy – perhaps one of the most unique and magical places in the world, the brand embarked on a journey that would find it much success. From generations of knowledge of the antique artisan methods employed in the pelletteria of old, Terrida would bring the art of crafting only the finest leather into articles of beauty. Through the years, Terrida: has developed strong bonds with clients who want only the best quality.

The brand continues to provide leather goods, cut and stitched in Italy, using those same traditional skills to form the most desirable, functional, and fashionable articles available today. The legacy that stands for Italian determination for quality and perfection, the name Terrida has grown to signify a luxury unlike all others.

We offer custom made gentelment's collection made of alligator embossed leather and vegetable tanned raw vachetta leather, the most expensive most durable leather avaialble on the market today. Prestigitious Terrida brand is carried by Neiman Marcus, luxury US retailer and a handful or retail sales outfits in US the brand is the hallmark of luxury and exclusivity.

The highest qualities of vegetable tanning process are used to manufacture Terrida luxurious leather. The use of choice skins and the artisan method employed through the totally natural tanning process make our leathers classics in their field. The color tones, veins, and little marks are to be considered tangible proof of the authenticity and quality of our leathers that are Certified by the Consortium of Genuine Italian Vegetable - Tanned Leather. Official Site: www.terrida.com

Silvano Biagini
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Silvano Biagini brand was founded in 1966 in an old workshop in Bologna where the founder started to work with an unprecedented blend of leather fine materials such as reptiles, printed full-grain leathers and fine fabrics. Asserting its identity in the best italians & internationals boutiques becoming a landmark in the world of Italian leather craftmanship. Silvano Biagini joined Antony Group Srl, founded in 1984 by the young Alberto Amidei in Modena. Thanks to this synergy in 2000 Antony Group Srl became the owner of the Silvano Biagini brand, that elevating it to the level of excellence of today.

The constant collaborations with the best brands of Italian fashion, enrich the spirit of the company without affecting the essence of a family-run management attentive to the customer and addicted to details. Our high quality craftsmanship is devoted to style and elegance and is specialized in the processing of high quality materials such as crocodiles, pythons, race, lizard, eel and full-grain calf.

The leather processed by Silvano Biagini are imported according to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) international treaty. Antony Group S.r.l. is part of the consortium of Pellettieri Company with headquarters in Via Modena 167, 41035 Massa Finale (MO). www.silvanobiagini.com

Tina Firenze
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TINABAGS's producer of luxury Made in Italy handbags based in Florence, Italy. Young designer with a vision for modern and stylish accessories. All bags are produced at the same factory as Gucci and Bottega Venetta handbags. TINABAGS.IT|Netberg